Clean duplicate contacts


cleaning your contact form with Automatic Filter

iPhone & iPad

Compatible with both devices


Compatible with all mail platforms

Clean duplicate contacts

Clean Contacts is the best app in the AppStore to have your perfect Agenda contacts.

With Clean Contacts You can delete duplicate contacts in your Address Book, edit individual contacts, view all phones and duplicate emails and more.

This app is the only one that can work with contacts from your device to iCloud, Exchange, Google [Gmail], Yahoo, AOL, Outlook or wherever you have your Contacts.

Key Features:

– Cleans and removes duplicate contacts in your Address Book Contacts
Combine duplicate, triplicate or quadruplicate contacts
– Performs cleaning your contact form with Automatic Filter feature
– Identifies duplicate phones
– Identifies duplicate emails
– Identifies unnamed contacts
– Identify contacts without phone
– Identify contacts without email
– Make Backups of all your devices
– Works anywhere you have your contacts (iCloud, Exchange, Google [Gmail], Yahoo, AOL, Outlook)

This is the ultimate app for managing all your contacts.

This app works with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

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